What Does The Bible Say About Prenuptial Agreement

Approach the request with kind words and explain that you will discuss it with your fiancé and pray about it. Often, both men and women can feel a lot of family pressure to ask for supremacy – especially if wealth is inherited – even if it`s not their true desire to have one, so while discussing it with your fiancé, stay open to his feelings about it. Pray diligently about the decision, both alone and with your fiancé, and if the decision is contrary to the agreement, consider how best to address his family about your decision whether your fiancé should go to them alone or with you. Answer: While it is true that the Bible never deals with the subject of marriage contracts (marriage contracts) with built-in clauses that control the disposition of property and custody of children, etc. in the event of divorce. However, there is a problem with them in itself from a Christian point of view. My husband and I never had a prenup agreement. It never really came to love. Maybe because our two families don`t practice this at all. But I heard about it and I had classmates (from other religions) who had to give dowry (to the bride`s family) before getting married.

In today`s modern world, the term prenup has become as common as the word marriage. A pre-nup is also known as a marriage contract, which is a legal contract that serves to protect property in case a divorce occurs later in the marriage. Even those who do not share a Christian faith have different opinions on whether or not a prenup is an acceptable practice in a marriage, but despite the support or lack thereof from those outside our community and faith, what does God say about prenups? I didn`t discuss prenup with my husband and I don`t think it originally came to us in the east either. And that requires honest and direct discussion. A prenup is a protective mechanism. This should immediately raise the question, “What are you trying to protect yourself from?” The answer to this question often comes down to distrust. You don`t trust them entirely, or they don`t trust you entirely. .