Us Trade Deal Good Friday Agreement

British Trade Minister Liz Truss has promised to conduct a “difficult deal” with the US and vowed that Britain will not reduce its food safety standards to import US products such as chlorine-treated poultry and genetically modified plants. Pelosi`s warning shows how British efforts to renegotiate the northern Ireland protocol are having a wider impact across the Atlantic, risking free trade with the United States, one of the main touted benefits of Brexit. The eventual election of Joe Biden to the presidency only increases that risk, but whoever wins a free trade deal, it takes the support of two-thirds of Congress to get through. “This tells me that the special relationship between a Biden government and Boris Johnson`s government, especially in the case of a no-deal Brexit, will not be very special.” Richard Neal, a long-time spokesman for Irish interests, is part of this German-American leadership. He chairs the influential Ways and Means Committee in Congress, which will oversee any trade deal between the US and Britain after Brexit. He also recently reaffirmed his view that “any trade agreement between the United States and Britain must preserve the Good Friday Agreement.” On Tuesday, four senior congressional officials issued a similar warning, saying a trade deal between Britain and the UNITED States would be blocked if the U.K. did not retain the benefits of the Good Friday deal. According to the government, this should partly ensure access for international distributors to the UK as a whole, confident that standards and rules are consistent. Raab told CNN on Thursday that the 1998 deal was “not in danger.” Biden`s concerns mirror those of House Democrats, who have strongly opposed a trade deal between the two countries if the UK acts in a way it believes undermines peace in Northern Ireland. Thus, British politicians and diplomats trying to negotiate a new trade deal with the Trump administration are increasingly frustrated by the powerful and consistent resistance of Washington`s democratic leaders.

“The UK must abide by the Northern Ireland Protocol signed with the EU to ensure the free movement of goods across the border. On September 16, September 27, Joe Biden said on Twitter that he would not support any trade deal between the United States and Britain that threatened the Good Friday Agreement; he also said he would not tolerate a hard border on the island of Ireland. Biden referred to plans recently announced by the Johnson administration to give British ministers the option of lifting parts of the withdrawal agreement between Britain and the EU, which apply to Northern Ireland. The fear is that the UK and the EU will not seal a trade deal and that the UK will not meet the requirements of the Withdrawal Agreement, namely that Northern Ireland remain under the EU`s customs sovereignty. This would force the EU to establish a customs barrier at the land border in Ireland, which many see as a threat to the Good Friday Agreement.