Receivables Purchase Agreement Pdf

On or after the date of entry into force of this Agreement, the entity shall provide a letter from an appropriate financial institution or an independent public accountant of the entity to verify whether the entity should receive the financial statements referred to in Appendix D to enable the enterprise to purchase and process the supplier`s receivables. Appendix D specifies the annual accounts and the timing of the delivery of these financial statements to be submitted by the supplier to the entity. The annual accounts shall be accompanied, at the expense of the supplier, by an opinion of the audit firm independent of the supplier. The Company undertakes to execute and provide a confidentiality agreement on the appropriate form and content for the Supplier and the Entity with respect to the information provided by the Entity`s independent accountants and agrees (a) to use such information only in connection with the purchase and processing of the Supplier`s claims and (b) not to provide or transmit such information to third parties; Unless that third party has executed such information and provides a confidentiality agreement with the supplier and only in connection with the purchase and processing of the supplier`s claims, unless the entity is ordered to transmit this information in accordance with a competent court or competent administrative authority. Where a court or managing authority orders such disclosure by the enterprise, the enterprise shall make an economic effort to inform the supplier with restrictions on the annual financial audits and accounts referred to in paragraph 5.11, neither to the enterprise nor its accountants to request the supplier to submit to the review or to provide the necessary information under Appendices C and D to this Agreement. e, unless required by the company. However, the company may not submit such an application more than twice during a period of twelve (12) months. The entity shall provide its auditors, at the request of the auditor, with information relating to this Agreement. VI. CONDITIONS PRECEDENT 6.1. Conditions precedent for all purchases. Any purchase of unpaid receivables under this Agreement is subject to the condition that the company does not otherwise waive, in the manner described in point 10.1, the following conditions precedent: 11 A receivables contract is a complex financial structuring and therefore requires various technical conditions. .

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