Agreement On Merger

Among the factors that determine the success of the negotiation of a merger agreement are: the merger agreement with the date agreement – by and between the constitution of the two entities acting through their respective boards of directors and are sometimes collectively referred to as “constituent companies”. (7) assume or assume any commitments or liabilities other than short-term commitments or liabilities in ordinary execution and with the exception of expenses and expenses related to the negotiation and closing of the merger, in amounts to be determined after the date of the merger; (5) All leases with an annual rent of more than $1.25 billion are now and will be in good condition on the day of the merger and not cancelled or not due to a late payment; 4. All fixed assets owned by it or one of its subsidiaries and employed in their respective operations are of the appropriate nature, nature and condition for their respective activities and are operated in the ordinary business until the date of the merger; 1. This merger agreement (sometimes referred to as the “agreement”) is submitted to the shareholders of each constituent limited company for adoption and approval at separate meetings, which take place in accordance with the corporate law section. 2. All tax returns that it or one of its subsidiaries must collect on the date or date of the merger are paid at the federal, regional and local levels and all taxes that are established to be due on the date or date of the merger; XYZ`s authorized capital consists of shares in the second cumulative preferred share, Pare rate – per share not issued and awaiting repayment and (b) _________Aktien common shares, par value per share of which _________Aktien are currently issued, _________Aktien are pending, __________Aktien are held in the XYZ Treasury and _________Aktien are reserved for future issuance under current commitments. Section of the Common Corporate Law – gives XYZ the power to merge with another company – and in accordance with the law section, the resulting company, after the presentation and registration of the merger agreement between XYZ and the resulting company, has all the powers and properties that were previously owned by XYZ. 8. Subject to the approval and approval of its shareholders, its Board of Directors has authorized and approved the execution and provision of this agreement and the execution of the transactions under this agreement.