Call of Dooty II: Green Ops (If Doom was done today: Part 2)

Inspired by kmoosmann’s “If Quake was done today,” this project takes another classic Doom level, John Romero’s E1M2, Nuclear Plant, and gives it a modern makeover. You’ll see such mechanics as regenerating health, quick-time events, and even brand new ones that weren’t present in Part 1 like achievements and a “bloody screen” effect when damaged. Much like the first one, this level is meant to make a statement rather than be enjoyable to play.

Download Links:
Standard Edition
– Digital copy of Call of Dooty II: Green Ops (Requires Doom II to play)

Limited Edition
– Standard Edition content plus…
– Digital copy of the original Call of Dooty (Requires (Ultimate) Doom to play)
– E1M1/E1M2 before/after gallery

Special Edition
– Limited Edition content plus…
– Official Soundtrack
– Ringtones
– Achievement icons

Collector’s Edition
– Special Edition content plus…
– Green Ops Marine papercraft
– “The Making of Call of Dooty II: Green Ops” document
– “Green Ops Armor” DLC